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IAEG-ARC13 Virtual Conference - 16 to 18 Nov 2021

Note: Program Uses Singapore Standard Time and is 8 Hours ahead of GMT (+8:00)

Tue-16 Nov | Wed-17 Nov | Thu-18 Nov

IAEG-ARC13 Virtual Conference - Tue-16 Nov
Session Time Tue-16 Nov
AM1 09:00-09:45 ARC13 Opening

Keynote #1
Raymond W.M. CHEUNG,
Innovation and Technology in Engineering Geology
Session Chair: Paul CHEUNG
Break 09:45-10:15 Break
AM2 10:15-11:50 Oral - MR01
Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Oral - MR02
Rock Mechanics and Underground Space
Session Chairs: Jia-Jyun DONG, Gaofeng ZHAO Session Chairs: Fiona KWOK, Zhiguo ZHANG
ARC13-A-0156 ARC13-A-0147
ARC13-A-0038 ARC13-A-0108
ARC13-A-0069 ARC13-A-0105
ARC13-A-0138 ARC13-A-0119
ARC13-A-0077 ARC13-A-0125
ARC13-A-0124 ARC13-A-0153
Break 11:50-12:15 Break
PM1 12:15-14:05 Oral - MR01
Landslides and Risk Assessment
Oral - MR02
Laboratory and Field Investigations in Geoengineering
Session Chairs: Kar WINN U, Zhihong ZHAO Session Chairs: Aung Ko Ko SOE, Tianshou MA
ARC13-A-0146 ARC13-A-0012
ARC13-A-0030 ARC13-A-0063
ARC13-A-0148 ARC13-A-0074
ARC13-A-0086 ARC13-A-0163
ARC13-A-0062 ARC13-A-0126
ARC13-A-0041 ARC13-A-0099
ARC13-A-0043 ARC13-A-0114
Break 14:05-14:30 Break
PM2 14:30-15:15 Keynote #2
Geomechanical Issues Affecting Long-Term Storage of CO2
Session Chair: Wei WU

IAEG-ARC13 Virtual Conference - Wed-17 Nov
Session Time Wed-17 Nov
AM1 09:00-09:45 Keynote #3
Hsein JUANG,
Engineering Geology — A Fifty-year Perspective
Session Chair: Wenping GONG
AM2 09:45 - 11:15 Panel Discussion:Meet the Journal Editors
With editors from "Engineering Geology" and
"Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment"
Break 11:15-12:15 Break
PM1 12:15-14:05 Oral - MR01
Environment and Engineering Geophysics
Oral - MR02
Karst Geology and Environmental Geotechnics
IAEG-ARC13 Poster Session
Session Chairs: Yaolin YI, Yi LIU Session Chairs: Zhenhao XU, Bin LIU Session Chair: Mingdong WEI, Yinlin JI
ARC13-A-0100 ARC13-A-0160 ARC13-A-0072
ARC13-A-0034 ARC13-A-0051 ARC13-A-0154
ARC13-A-0089 ARC13-A-0159 ARC13-A-0020
ARC13-A-0121 ARC13-A-0161 ARC13-A-0009
ARC13-A-0026 ARC13-A-0117 ARC13-A-0013
ARC13-A-0001 ARC13-A-0141 ARC13-A-0066
ARC13-A-0054 ARC13-A-0164 ARC13-A-0017
Break 14:05-14:30 Break
PM2 14:30-15:15 Keynote #4
Jian CHU,
Influence of Geological Conditions on Ground Improvement Works
Session Chair: Yingxin ZHOU

IAEG-ARC13 Virtual Conference - Thu-18 Nov
Session Time Thu-18 Nov
AM1 09:00-09:45 Keynote #5
Coupled Processes in Geoengineering: Nuclear waste, Geothermal and Carbon Sequestration
Session Chair: Zhiye ZHAO
Break 09:45-10:15 Break
AM2 10:15-11:50 Oral - MR01
Slope Stability Analysis
Oral - MR02
Engineering Geology for Tunnels and Underground Construction
Session Chairs: Jianping SUN, Peng PEI Session Chairs: Shengwen QI, Elita LI
ARC13-A-0123 ARC13-A-0079
ARC13-A-0135 ARC13-A-0127
ARC13-A-0110 ARC13-A-0104
ARC13-A-0067 ARC13-A-0059
ARC13-A-0084 ARC13-A-0137
ARC13-A-0128 ARC13-A-0157
Break 11:50-12:15 Break
PM1 12:15-14:05 Oral - MR01
Multiscale Failure Analysis in Engineering Geology
Oral - MR02
Site Investigation and Geological Modelling
Session Chairs: Louis WONG, Zhijun WU Session Chairs: ONG Perng Fey, Xiaoping ZHANG
ARC13-A-0143 ARC13-A-0158
ARC13-A-0080 ARC13-A-0035
ARC13-A-0136 ARC13-A-0002
ARC13-A-0129 ARC13-A-0097
ARC13-A-0055 ARC13-A-0016
ARC13-A-0044 ARC13-A-0085
ARC13-A-0162 ARC13-A-0151
Break 14:05-14:30 Break
PM2 14:30-15:15 Keynote #6
Shengwen QI,
Study on Dynamic Response and Progressive Failure of Rock Slope under Strong Earthquakes
Session Chair: Ranjan KUMAR DAHAL
15:15 – 16:15 Keynote #7
Hydrogeology in Tunnelling – Beyond Prediction Prognosis
Session Chair: Oskar SIGL

ARC13 Closing