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T1 - Applied Geomorphology and Structural Geology
T2 - Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
T3 - Rock Mechanics and Underground Space
T4 - Site Investigation and Geological Model
T5 - Slope Stability and Landslides
T6 - Geohazard Engineering and Risk Assessment
T7 - Sensor Technology and Data Analytics in Engineering Geology
T8 - Energy Extraction and Storage
T9 - Hydrogeology and Geochemistry
T10 - Geotextiles and Geomembranes

Special Topics:

S1 - Numerical and Experimental Advances in Multiscale Failure Analysis in Engineering Geology
Session Chairs:
Louis WONG, The University of Hong Kong
Zhijun WU, Wuhan University

S2 - Environment and Engineering Geophysics
Session Chairs:
Elita Yunyue LI, National University Singapore
Ping TONG, Nanyang Technological University

S3 - Environmental Processes in Geotechnics
Session Chairs:
Yaolin YI, Nanyang Technological University
Xunchang FEI, Nanyang Technological University

S4 - Engineering Geology for Tunnels and Underground Construction
Session Chair:
Shengwen QI, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

S5 - Karst Geology and Environmental Geotechnics
Session Chairs:
Bin LIU, Shandong University
Zhenhao XU, Shandong University
Eduardo de MULDER, Delft Technical University

S6: Rock Mechanics for Geothermal Energy
Session Chairs:
Junlong SHANG, University of Glasgow
Yinlin JI, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences